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To truly enjoy the sport of sailing on Cuba Lake, you are going to need a sailboat; not just any sailboat, but one like others in the fleet, so that you can fully learn and fairly test your skills as a sailing crew.

Here at Cuba Lake, C Scows are now the boats of choice for adult members and their families, with more than twenty being actively sailed. We have a half dozen MC Scows, a smaller version of the same boat, sailed by members who usually go out alone. Sunfish are also a popular smaller boat for beginning sailors. For sailors under the age of 13 our most popular boat is the O’Pen Bic, which is easy to sail, and self-bailing! For our youngest, Optimist sailboats are most popular. The club also owns a small fleet of 420’s for our teenagers to use to build their sailing skills.

How Much?

All boats made in the last 25 years are manufactured out of aluminum and fiber glass. If properly maintained, they last forever. No matter which class of boat you choose, a good entry-level used boat will cost you between $1,000 and $4,000 to purchase and equip – sometimes (if you’re lucky) quite a bit less.

New boats are much more expensive, but are well worth it when you decide to get serious about racing. We can help you locate a good used boat in any of our active classes, and we will be glad to sail with you until you are comfortable “up front” as a crew, or at the helm calling the shots. Call George Bradley at 717-350-6664, or email him at and start the conversation.

Which Boat Would Be Right For Our Family?

That is something you will have to decide for yourselves, but here is some basic information about each class we have mentioned:

C Scows are flat-bottomed boats 20 feet long, 7 feet wide and weigh 650 pounds, with a very simple “cat” rig with just one sail. C’s are are popular inland-lake racing boats in the midwest, created to be sailed in the light wind conditions so often found on summer afternoons. Designed for two or three people, boys of 14 and men of 75 have been known to sail them single-handed here at Cuba Lake, and 9 or 10 kids can use one as a swim platform for an afternoon in the sun. When the wind comes up, they are exciting to be on.

MC Scows are .8 scale versions of C Scows, being 16 feet long, 5’8” wide, and weighing 420 pounds. They were developed in the late 1970’s for skippers who have lost their crews and usually want to sail alone. Designed for one person, they can accommodate two people, which are needed in higher wind conditions.

Club 420’s are the most popular boats used for scholastic and collegiate sailing events. 14 feet long, weighing 220 pounds, these boats carry the full range of equipment any sailor may want to become familiar with: main and jib sails, a spinnaker, and a trapeze for the crew.

The club owns five of these boats which are used by our high school sailors and junior instructors.

Optimists are among the most popular sailboats in the world. More than 130,000 have been registered with the international association. Only 7’ 9” long, 3’ 8” wide, and 77 pounds, the “Opti” is a single-handed training boat for children aged 14 and under. They are designed to be handled by kids weighing between 50 and 135 pounds. Two or three smaller children can sail together in one. The club has more than 10 of these available, used by the Pirates Pirates of the Cubarrean.

The O’Pen Bic Class is a genuine 21st Century design, aimed at attracting a new generation to the sport of sailing. Its solid foam hull, which is self-bailing, is rigged with a clear, fully battened sail for ease of trim and great visibility. The boats are about the size of Optimists, but are designed for fun. They are tippier, but easy to get right side up again. Highly buoyant, they can be used as a raft for a group, or as a platform from which to do tricks. The club owns a fleet of six to augment the Pirate fleet.

The Sunfish is also a very popular design, easily recognized with its triangular, “lanteen” sail, spread by upper and lower booms. This is a “personal sized” boat, designed to be sailed by one person, although two can fit. A type of “board boat,” you can plan on getting wet any time you go out. Sunfish are excellent training boats for anyone too large for an Optimist, and the club uses these boats to teach sailing to teenagers and adults. They are simple to rig, and easy to maneuver.

The club owns many boats that can be used by members when not needed for instruction, but to fully enjoy the sport you should consider buying one of your own. This will provide the opportunity for you to hone and improve your sailing skill.


Yacht Club Officers

Mike Kane, Commodore

Skip Wilday, Vice Commodore, Long Range Planning Captain

Marlene Doyle, Treasurer

Mary Pierotti, Secretary, Race Captain

George Bradley, Sailing Education Captain

Jill Pleakis, Social Captain, Past Commodore

Amy Pierotti, Membership Captain

Joe Pleakis, Property Captain

Jeff Parnell, Director at Large

Al Myers, Director at Large

Doug Moot, Director at Large

Bob Krall, Director at Large

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The Wind in Your Hair
The Sun on Your Face
The Joy of Being Outside
The Thrill of Sport
The Satisfaction of Mastering Something New

No Gas. No Oil. No CO2.
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