Sailing Lessons

I’ve always wanted to learn how to…
Well, now you have the chance. Take it!

For the kids, the Pirate Program is the best place to start. But sailing isn’t like soccer or softball where you can drop the kids off and let them be entertained. Sailing is a sport that you too can learn. And unlike tennis or golf, sailing is a sport you can participate in with your children as a team. No segregation by gender, no father-son, or mother-daughter categories – just you and your kids!

Of course, you too need to learn how to do it, if you are going to sail with the kids, but sailing is not Rocket Science. If ancient Egyptians and First Graders can do it, so can you!

Courtney Wilday, a recent graduate of the Gow School, returns this year as our lead instructor, aided by five other experienced sailors, all instructors certified by the United States Sailing Association. We are thus able to offer our Pirates of the Cubarrean junior program and other private and group sailing lessons for people of all ages. Our season runs from the day school is out (June 26) through the first Saturday in August. Please send an email and let us know how we can get you started.

If you are interested, we will make all the necessary arrangements. As your kids will tell you, the worst thing that can happen is that you’ll go for a swim! And that’s fun too!

To get started, contact George Bradley at


Yacht Club Officers

Mike Kane, Commodore

Skip Wilday, Vice Commodore, Long Range Planning Captain

Marlene Doyle, Treasurer

Mary Pierotti, Secretary, Race Captain

George Bradley, Sailing Education Captain

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Amy Pierotti, Membership Captain

Joe Pleakis, Property Captain

Jeff Parnell, Director at Large

Al Myers, Director at Large

Doug Moot, Director at Large

Bob Krall, Director at Large

Benefits of Membership

The Wind in Your Hair
The Sun on Your Face
The Joy of Being Outside
The Thrill of Sport
The Satisfaction of Mastering Something New

No Gas. No Oil. No CO2.
Just some Cloth, some Rope, Nature and You!

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